Jefferson Davis Parish Clerk of Court

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The Clerk of Court's office offers remote internet access to the Conveyance and Mortgage Indices and Conveyance and Mortgage documents.  The Conveyance Index begins in 1976 and the Mortgage Index begins in 1978 through the present.  The Conveyance and Mortgage document images begin January 1, 1988 and continue to the present.  We are in the process of scanning images back from 1988 to 1976 at this time.

The subscription fee is $100 per month or $25.00 per day. We also offer an annual subscription for $1200.00 per year.  (The service charge is waived on annual subscriptions) Copies printed from the website are $1.00 per page.  Online payment is required for all subscriptions. 

1) Click on the link below and complete the "Create New Account" screen.

2)To activate your account, choose "Purchase subscription" and proceed with online payment. 


If you have questions concerning our online service, please don't hesitate to contact us.  You can call (337)824-1160 or email